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6/15 @275

75% from hashnest, 20%, 5% GHX — LTCGear is still dead but “work” continues on the site…

3/1-3/17 @275

More hasnest investing.. Started investing in yeah, likely a ltcgear clone hope it makes beyond my 62 day break even target! 😉

2/13-2/28 @250
Hashnet improved – investing more
Testing genesis-mining
BTC price improved
GAW I am going to hang in and go clot the moon or bust
LTCGear – dead but always have a little hope…
Cointellect – set new direction 50% reduction in profits which is still 50% better than anything else I hold….BUT…..still not able to withdraw a dime..

2/11-2/12 @$200
LTCGear dead
Cointellect dead
GAW Dying
Hashnest hurting to to low BTC
Feeeeeeeeeewwwwww real rough time…

2/6-2/10 @475 BTC price 🙁
LTCGear – still dead to me
GAW – delayed honors program launch – “delayed”
Cointellect still no payments and restructuring contracts…pfffffttt
Hashnest & Hone mining doing OK
Still exploring PoS coins….

1/31-2/5 @$500
LTCGear – still dead to me
GAW – delayed honors program launch – “delayed”
Cointellect still no payments
Hashnest & Hone mining doing OK
Exploring PoS coins….

1/27-1/30 @500 🙁
BTC down
LTCGear suppose to do payouts today – we shall see
XPY is low $2ish
GAW PayCoin honors program is Sunday. They are suppose to but back XPY @ $20 per coin. The question is, will it be bonded? How long will payouts take? Will XPY approach $20 in the marketplace?
Cointellect payments are queued up
Hashnest doing well
Bought a 2nd S5

1/21-1/26 @600
Things have been quite and a little depressing in the crypto space — until this weekend that is!!!
LTCGear has risen from the ashes! He did not start payments yet but he explained what happened and payments are starting back up!
BTC prices is back over $300 which is huge after a big crash…
XPY/GAW is starting the program in a few days to buy back coins at $20!
I have also been running an experiment at Hashnest = it’s working out pretty well.
Coinbase is launching an “legal/USA” exchange and bringing a BTC fund to market today which has and should continue to drive BTC price.
I also sold my Antminer C1 and bought 2 Antminer S5’s… Making $10 a day with them so breakeven is a little ways out but if BTC continues to climb, it will be awesome. Weekly income should really start moving up again!!!

1/15-1/20 @500

1/14 @500
PayCoin slide a little…
LTCGear saga continues, site now says tomorrow at 4:00 UTC. I do think the guy is trying but who knows if he will recover.

1/12-1/13 @600
PayCoin went up a little due to GAW promising to buy coins back next month at $20 each. You need to put them in escrow and they start paying back in March.
LTCGear has a new page saying upgrade coming.. We shall see – I would be freaking thrilled if LTCGear returned and paid missing payments – I’m owed over 30BTC 🙂

1/10-1/11 @500

1/9 @500
GAW hold
LTCGear same story – but he sent an email, seems he is working on it, just not sure if/when he will recover
Cointellect still going…

1/8 @500
Paycoin price increased slightly bringing weekly payments to around $500 – Rumors/Vibes indicates some enhancements to paybase that will drive the paycoin price higher… We shall see…
LTCGear – yup – still nothing..
Cointellect still delivering daily payments consistently
I have a new experiment running – if it gains legs I will share it. Right now it’s too risky and I would not want to recommend it to people.
Best investment to make right now is either invest in GAW by buying Paycoins or invest in Cointellect (I do think Cointellect will eventually fold – I can not see how they generate the $ to give you 100%+ returns)

1/7 @400
LTCGear – still no payment – today or tomorrow.. Is what Chris is saying… Who knows..
Cointellect did pay and replied to my support email. They want people to use PayPal or CryptoPay and for us to move away from payments in dogecoin. I took the payment last night in BTC from CryptoPay it was really quick but it did have a 1% charge and in the move from euros to BTC and then to USD the $21 USD or 17.66 Euros turned into $19.xx USD.
GAW still holding all – payouts for hashstakers have made daily like clockwork.

1/6 @400
LTCGear – still no payment, GAW Paycoin at ~$4 and now Cointellect is delaying payments — all at the same time — good thing I don’t depend on crypto — my diversification strategy is kind of pointless at the moment!

1/5 @400
Slight paycoin improvement in price…
Waiting for LTCGear update – and hopefully a payment!

1/3 @385 WTF!!!!
HOLDING ALL and not making any more reinvestments at the moment. My approach has been buy low, but the low keeps going lower and lower with no turnaround at all…

Holy cow what a mess in the last few weeks rolling into the last few days!!!
Still no payment from LTCGear – over $8k owed – now it’s supposed to happen Monday – so I’m going to stop counting it as “income” until the $$ actually flow again. Delay after delay, next week…next week…next week…. 🙁
GAWs PayCoin completely crashed! My $20k in coins is worth 3k.
My GAW hashstakers now generate $37 per day instead of the $200 per day!
Cointellect is now my only reliable $ generator and I still don’t get how they generate so much profit to pay me, so will that crash too?
Good thing this is all rolling on my original $500 investment – it turned into $10’s of thousands and at the moment is down to thousands just a few short days ago. From a 15,000% return down to 1200% return = still unreal but WOW what a difference! From an income I could live off to an income I can buy only buy groceries and some gas with in just over just a few weeks…
Do I think things will return? I am hoping so, the next few weeks it will all become clear one way or the other!
LTCGear – if nothing by 1/10 then I guess it’s over
GAW – if they deliver the promised features and then buy all the cheap coins with their $100m reserve then all will be good 3/1 is my target date to watch

12/31 @3500
PayCoin price is down to $12.8 which is interesting… I figure it will stabilize over the next few days / weeks..
LTCGear continues its improvements – really hoping to see a payout this weekend but I am not holding my breath.

12/30 @3600
Paybase launched, seems solid and stable, future features look awesome, billpay, Amazon integration, debit card etc…

12/29 @3700
Paybase launching today! Should be interesting…
Holding and executing plan below…
Bought 16 more hashstakers and a last minute but if PayCoin… Paybase is now up and is doing its job driving up the price! I bought XPY mined a lot at $4-$8 range — it’s worth $22.10! At the moment!!! Talk about a Return In Investment!!
LTCGear update – Chris says thing are planned to be corrected by Friday – I’ll check Saturday — Fingers crossed!

12/28 3800 (If LTCG pays)
LTCGear still watching the repairs
GAW doing well. Will raise PayCoin today into tomorrow for PayBase launch
Plan to trade sell 500 XPY and invest in Cointellect, GAW hashstakers, and put rest in bank for taxes 🙁
I will probably sell in chunks of 50 -100 to hedge if the price goes up or down…

12/26 & 12/27 3800
Hold all
LTCGear progress on website rebuild – hopefully we will be back up and running next week and hopefully we get missed payments and multiplication

12/25 3800
Merry Christmas!
Picked 49 more cheap paycoins – $9.64 today sell next week for $20+
Still not LTCGear payment – the website and functions is coming back online – so I think he will recover from the hack but man have things been messed up for 2 weeks now!

12/24 3800 (when payed by LTCGear-it’s real late for me – kids all got paid!)
Multiplication day for LTCGear BUT I still did not get my payment from last week. So I am not expecting multiplication will happen on time. Chris has been great for a long time so I do believe he will get things back on track.
Plan to pay mortgage and all utilities with crypto starting in January when paybase bill pay goes live.

12/23 @3800
WARNING looks like LTCGear got hacked! Check/confirm your payment addresses!!!
GAW delaying paybase launch till December 29th 🙁
Picked up some $6 PayCoin which will be worth ~$20 when paybase launches.

12/22 @3800
Hold all
Buy cheap PayCoin – check

12/21 @3800 GAW
GAW hashstaking now active $197 from GAW per day guaranteed(kinda) for the next 6 months!

12/20 @3400
Hold all

12/19 @3400
Hold all

12/18 @3400 – darn BTC PRICE 🙁
Plan to hold across the board.
Transferring BTC to cryptsy to buy some low PayCoin!

12/17 @3500
Received LTCGear payment last night. Taking half and converting to USD. Bought 25mh at Cointellect, added 1 10 Gen 2 share pack and invested a few hundred in a new experiment…. I also ended up buying some low cost XPY on an exchange – will will be worth 60%-70% return on Monday when PayBase launches…

12/16 @3500
Still plan to mine XPY but no further investments to do it. Plan to reinvest LTCGear shared this week to ramp up holding before share multiplication on the 24th. I’ll take it in BTC and then buy shares..

12/13-15 @3500
Wow what a crazy weekend!
LTCGear holding – did not get my payment still from Friday! That has never happened before! He had system issues…
GAW released PayCoin! I decided to point my old miners and rent some hash power to mine XPY (paycoin) during POW phase – OMG did that workout! 1.25 BTC ($440) and so far generated $5,422 in XPY!
Holding at GAW – more announcements tonight and Friday.

12/12 @3600
Holding at GAW
Holding at LTCGear – payday at ltcg looking forward to see how much the new product generates in its interim state…
Plan to buy 25mh @ Cointellect and a small added purchase in one of the experiments…

12/11 @3600
Still holding all
GAW launches for hashbase, paybase & PayCoin (XPY) are very close. Some will be next week and all by January…
LTCGears new product seems pretty amazing! Can wait till mid/end of January when this product is fully up and running. The 50 shares I have may likely = all my shares I hold today and break even in 2-3 weeks! But it’s all a guess right now.

12/10 @3600
Hold all
Upgraded Zens to all 1 XPY 6 month hashstakers

12/9 @3600
Hold all
Wait for GAW upgrade tonight…again
Did the upgrade…
134 primes to hashstaker 5XPY 6 month
125 primes to prime hashstakers lifetime
Waiting for Zen upgrades…

12/8 @3600
Hold all
Wait for GAW upgrade tonight…

12/7 @3500
Today’s plan – big research day – catch up on perception and feelings of companies I am invested at. Review/find 2 new places to experiment with to diversify with.

12/6 @3500 week
Dropped a little due to LTC difficulty increases…
OMG GAW was never able to make the upgrade work and had to back it out! They will try again in the next few days. I’ll tell you this, based on the new LTCGear product and what it will pay and the consistency of Cointellect, I am cutting my GAW holdings down to 100 primes. The rest will all move to the hash market and be placed for sale when they get this upgrade in.GAW still has the highest long term potential but I can earn almost 300% more at LTCGear and 50% more at Cointellect. Although this messes up my diversity strategy I am just getting worried that GAW is growing way to fast for they’re and our own good! They have done right for their customers, increased PayCoin mining by 14 days equal to about $4000 for me! AND for people choosing the long term upgrade path they are giving you 1 free PayCoin. That’s $20 each or $5180 for me if I went all long term – current strategy 1/3 goes this way which is $2000 for free!
My kids decided to sell all of GAW, take profits and move it all to LTCGear.

12/5 @3600 week
Wow big day! GAW had their upgrade – what a train wreck! This has been and remains gaws weakness. Their IT build/releases are horrible. Now that they have Visa as a partner, I worry their IT tea is just not strong enough. It’s fixable but will take time and so far it seems Josh does it see the problem.
Now going to 50/50 in sale/long term
LTCGear payments came through again. This is the first week I moved BTC to USD and deposited it in my bank… Going to get in the habit of pulling some to USD to cover taxes in April.
LTCGear surprisingly released a new product! It’s kinda of a pre-order. (Pays the old way until January) everyone expected the arms race to continue – that is small ASIC chips 28nm and faster etc… Chris just changed the game! He decided to make is next chip a programable ASIC! He added a lot of RAM to the ASIC and can still use external RAM while keeping the die size at 32nm so he could fit the RAM. This means algorithms like Neoscrypt, lyra2, X11, X13 etc whatever is out there is just a configuration change away. This means that instead of being Litecoin centered. We are now able to mine coins that pay 300%-500% more with the new product! So I bought 5 10 packs of the new product! If your getting start at LTCGear, buy the qASIC 2 shares!

12/3-12/4 @3600 per week
Look for Deals at GAW before their upgrade starts
Upgrade a GAW will drive the value of primes up A LOT. If I sell my miners, my GAW investment just grew 100% to 150% and that is from the 100% they have already grown from!
Likely choosing to keep 2/3 of investment at GAW and reap the profits of the rise in value

LTCGear hold and wait for Friday’s payment
Hold at Cointellect
Ended up picking primes and Zens
Primes 259mh
Zens 170mh
LTCGear 60587 shares
Cointellect 55mh

12/2 @3600 per week
Hold all today
Doubled my revenue in just 24 days since November 9th!
Another GAW announcement tomorrow about primes and their future…
Ok, I think this is also a new safe place to invest. I only recommend Contracts and not direct mining with them. Here is the info…
Cointellect Invite code:880bba4a
My results to date have been exactly what they advertise +-3%
5mh 14.95 EUROs for a demo that will generate 1.64 EUROs or $2.05 per day for 7 days totaling $14.35 revenue
10mh 99.95 EUROs will generate 2.22 EUROs or $2.77 per day for 7 days totaling $249.30 revenue
25mh 299.95 EUROs will generate 5.50 EUROs or $6.88 per day for 180 days totaling $1,238.4 revenue
There are other contracts, but I have not tried the larger one yet. As you can see it starts to grow.
I have a small account of 55mh setup there now, 3 10mh and 1 25mh account which brings in $15.xx consistently.
The easiest way to take profits is once a day or every few days if you like, convert the EUROs to Doge Coins and then save them for a while in your wallet or convert them to BTC or USD using Cryptsy. Crypts is the leading trading platform to exchange from one currency to another.

11/29, 11/30 & 12/1 @3600 per week
Got some GREAT LTCGear Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals, took advantage of 30%+ discounts!!!
Waiting now to see what happens with GAW and primes gaining Hashstaker capabilities…
250 Primes or 360 Mh
115 Zens or 115 Mh
60587 LTCGear shares or 6,058 Mh

11/28 @3200 per week
LTCGear payout came through again!
Bought and LTCGear 1825 share pack with BlackFriday 33% off coupon
Going to save most of the BTC to either convert to cash or reinvest in LTCGears new product that is “coming soon”
GAW released there Proof of Stake (POS) Wallet called Hashstaker. Odd to explain, it’s not a miner at all but  works like a CD (certificate of deposit) You buy one of a certain size and duration, put PayCoins in and it pays out PayCoins everyday. Looks like the payout is good about a 25%-75% ROI after 3-6 months depending what you select. I bought 2 until I understand it better. Bought one quickly to earn free “prime” and bought a 2nd one of 3 months and 25 pay coin size… Primes can also be turned into HashStakers so I am not sure I want to or need to buy more yet…

I bought one more 99Euro packs at my experimental place – so far so good!
So, 1 looks promising and 2 look to be too slow to ROI…

11/27 @ 3200 per week
Happy Thanksgiving!
Hold and wait for hashstaker release on Friday at GAW. Claimed to be the most profitable miner ever! It’s also LTCGear payday.
I also think I found another site worth investing in! I have made ROI + 25%… Now looking like ROI in 54days then all profit for the next 126 days. Which could return 60%-100%. The draw back is its 3,6,12 or 18 month contract and you can’t sell your investment, but the return is good… You also need to do a little math cause it’s all in Euros. Another week or two and I’ll fill you in…

11/26 @ 3200 per week
Grabbed a few more Zens @ 125
GAW announced paybase like coinbase but you can directly pat your bills with BTC or PayCoin!
The announcement drove prime prices up by $15-$20! I now have $13,000+ in primes alone if I sold them all!!! GREAT ROI!

11/25 @ 3300 per week
Holding… Suppose to be big news for GAW tonight… We shall see…

11/24 @ 3200 per week
BTC going up….+ benefits of new investments below…

11/22 & 11/23 @ 3000 per week
Buying LTCGear shares GREAT sale!
Buying some more Zens
Buying home SHA256 miner – mostly for fun – hedge for PayCoin mining in January
230 primes
103 Zens
51007 LTCGear

11/21 @ 3000 per week
LTCGear pay day!
Plan to buy 25% of LTCGear earnings in new shares
15% in GAW Zens or primes depending on deals
10% for home miner 1-2 th/s SHA256 for winter heating 😉
Hold the rest

11/20 @ 3100 per week
Holding LTCGear
Bought some more $10 Zens
230 primes
83 Zens

11/19 @ 3100 per week
Holding LTCGear
Holding GAW
There are some great Zen deals as people sell the Zens they bought to buy Primes back.. I will pay attention for some solid deals.
Could be an interesting next few days for GAW, meetings with VC firms, CNN and basically a media blitz. I think the next day or so could be interesting but the next few weeks promise new features on the site etc.. We are either getting ready to rocket! or crash! We will know very soon.

11/18 @ 3100 per week
Holding. Bought a Zen for $10…
Some changes at LTCGear – the short of it is, things got a little simpler to purchase and cheaper!
Bought an LTCGear 1825 pack to test the “new product”
Rumor is there will be a new product coming to LTCGear and the current ones will not be for sale in the future – question is when? and will the new product be better?

11/17 @ 3100 per week
Holding and looking for deals in market place at GAW
Bought 10 primes at a good price
230 primes, 50 Zens

11/16 still @ 3100 per week
All holdings on hold – no actions today. Still waiting for experiments to finish but nothing noteworthy yet… I have 2 that may have some small promise but there are 2 things I do not like. 1) you can not trade or sell your shares – once you buy your there for life or till no longer profitable. 2) 1 of them does not have lifetime contracts, they are 10 days, 3 months, 6months, 12months or 18months – the profit is good and quick, but sadly, soon after you make your ROI you then need to invest again to buy more…

11/15 @ 3100 per week
Allocated some of the earnings into GAW primes. There were a few good deals and I think there is still potential with GAW to be a huge return. It’s somewhere between huge and nothing anyway. On Wednesday or Thursday I will purchase another share of LTCGear.
Used about $150 to run some new experiments… So far nothing noteworthy…
GAW 220 Primes, 50 Zens
LTCGear 41227

11/14 @ 3100 per week
BTC prices dropping back down to “normal”
Held in accounts and waiting for payment from LTCGear

11/13 @ $3200 per week
BTC price came down a little during the night which drove the change in payment down slightly. BUT came back up again…
So, I ran 3 experiments over the last few days and bought a small stake in 3 cloud hosting companies – conclusion, one was a rip off, the other 2 are underperforming and not with investing into.. I will continue the search.
Bought some Primes back tonight and a handful of more Zens now at 199 Primes and 44 Zens

11/12 @ $3200 per week
BTC prices going up driving increase in weekly payments!
GAW Sold (24) Primes and bought 29 Zens and some more LTCGear shares. I wanted to pick up more LTCGear before Fridays payout.
Now at 41227 LTCgear shares – an oddity occurded, I received credit for 3200 shares even though I only paid for 1600 shares — I reported it to Chris! I do not want to see a good thing come to an end due to a possible bug/defect.

11/11 @ $2400 per week
Stopped by GAWMiners in Bloomfield, CT. Everyone was super nice. Met Josh the CEO, Eric, Amber, Amanda and many other team members. They gave me a tour and then Josh sent me an email with 5 free Primes to say thanks for stopping in.Now at 215 Primes and 11 Zens (found a few more good deals in the market) or 226Mh

LTCGear did free share multiplication. What does that mean? Chris increased his customers shares by 25%!!! He does this every 6 weeks to stay a little ahead of difficulty increases. Awesome! Now at 38027 shares there or 380Mh

11/10 @ $2000 per week
Hold on all investments.
LTCGear is doing share multiplication today which means shares go up by ~1.35%
Investigating a few additional cloud mining sites to further diversify… If I find one I like, I’ll let you know. I’ll do a small investment for a month in a few mining sites and see how it goes… I started one of the sites toady.. Researching a few more to find the next big BTC maker 😉

11/9 @ $1800 per week
This weeks earnings $1,800 up from $1200 in the prior week — Yes all profit ROIed that $500 a long time ago! 😉

  1. Changing investment strategy from 100% to 33% reinvest at LTCGear – time to move profits into BTC/Cash
  2. At GAW holding – no adds no sells. I am only mining HashPoints — BTC payouts are so low it’s not worth doing anything else right now – I hope HashCoin pays out…


Brief History –

Started at GAW by selling all my home based mining hardware and used all the BTC generated to date and reinvested all earnings getting me to 300 primes and 350 Zens at GAW or 650Mh. ZenPool was great at that point…

I sold Zens and Primes to diversify my investment.
I now have 60% of my investment at LTCGear and the other 40% at GAWMiners.
I now hold 209 Primes at GAW and 2 Zens – the Zens were sold for $10 I couldn’t say no 😉

Total at GAW 211 Mhs

I have 30k shares at LTCGear (before multiplication)
I have been reinvesting 100% of all profits back into cloud mining.


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  1. kapp says:

    Thanks for keeping this up-to-date. I’ve found this site to be one of the best sources for mining info.

  2. dominique says:

    it seems ltcgear have another trick for updating text with other date and time ….

    any news about ltcgear then this text which always time and date ?

  3. kapp says:

    MAR 3 2015 — BTC = $281.40 — STANDARD PAYOUT 1 GH/S = 0.00001077 ——————————————————
    UMISOO 76.63567717 0.00028398 0.886096757%
    S3 63.8630643 0.00051104 0.76157404%
    S4 54.08030724 0.00080512 0.614262583%
    S2 76.63567717 0.00044999 0.559198553%
    S5 39.08419535 0.0013799 0.47544258%

  4. kapp says:

    UMISOO –76.63567717 –0.00028398 –0.886096757%
    S3 –63.8630643 –0.00051104 –0.76157404%
    S4 –54.08030724 –0.00080512 –0.614262583%
    S2 –76.63567717 –0.00044999 –0.559198553%
    S5 –39.08419535 –0.0013799 –0.47544258%

  5. kapp says:

    Check out HashNest’s new contract: PACMiC v1

    – net daily profit is currently 1.077%!!

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